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Green Power

100% Natural, Chemical-free, Organic Sea Bird Guano Fertiliser. Widely recognised and endorsed by organic organisations and growers. Australia Certified Organic by the ACO and USDA NOP Compliant.


Improves water and nutrient holding capacities. Reforms the structure and function of soil. Ability to blend to suit any growing requirements.


Suitable for all your home garden requirements, including lawns, vegetables, fruits, roses & ornamentals.


We take a personal interest in our customers and their needs.

We have a range of quality products and services and take pride in advising our customers of their benefits.

What others say about us

Frank Grant

My name is Frank Grant and I have been banana farming for 30 years at Coffs Harbour and Tully. I started using Agrispon and Sincocin on 55ha of bananas at ‘Brick Creek Bananas’ in Tully. Three months after the initial application the change in general health and appearance of the plants was quite pronounced. I am so pleased with the performance of Agrispon that I have since used it for the second application. The benefits that come to mind are many but mainly the non-toxicity and ease of application. The products are also environmentally friendly.

Frank GrantBanana Grower
Landmark Limited

LANDMARK LIMITED GETS SERIOUS ABOUT SPEICALITY PRODUCTS. Retailing the Guano Australia range of speciality products such as Guano Gold-Kwik Start, Agrispon, Reefsafe Guano Gold range have proven extremely successful and profitable for farmers in far north Queensland according to Landmark Limited spokesperson Mr. Lindsay Horniblow. Landmark has been marketing this range of speciality products from Guano Australia for a number of years now with results that have more than proven their agronomic benefits on banana, sugar cane, and a range of other horticultural crops across the Tully, Mareeba and Innisfail region. Two of Landmark’s leading clients, banana growers Mr. Stuart Flegler and Mr. Frank Grant, both of Tully, have reported amazing results with their crops after using fertiliser products from the Guano Australia range. Applying Agrispon, Sincocin and Guano Gold-Kwik Start, respectively, have proven to result in quite a number of benefits not the least of which is the improved soil conditions. Agrispon and Sincocin, two liquid bio-stimulant products, are starting to prove themselves in the fertiliser market in far north Queensland with results surpassing previous estimates and expectations. Lindsay went on to say “We have had considerable interest from sugarcane growers in relation to Guano blends, which is a combination we intend to promote if we can. Blending facilities and cost effectiveness are the only hurdles we need to address to make this a reality. As a result of these changing conditions and farm input practices Landmark will become more focused on this area in order to meet the varying needs of farmers by providing them with Speciality Fertiliser products such as Guano Gold-Kwik Start, Agrispon and Sincocin, Mr. Horniblow believes that as a result”.

Landmark Limited